Clean Freak.

I used to be a kind of a clean freak.

Then I got married to a boy.

Then I had kids.

And I was CURED!

But guess what?

It turns out, clean freakiness is an inherited trait.


Because one day I was finishing up the dishes, when Alice came into the kitchen and grabbed my mop.

Then she took it into the living room.

Curious, I followed her and saw that she had spilled her chopped ice on the floor and was mopping it up.



It was like I’d seen a unicorn standing in my living room.

I can’t remember the last time I saw someone clean up their own mess!

It was kind of like…the coolest thing I’d ever seen.


But that’s just how she is.

She helps me all the time.

She will hold up laundry and then put it in piles.

She will put cars back in the bins.

She mops and sweeps.

Today I was washing down our outside railing, and guess who was right beside me, putting her sponge in the water, then squeezing it out all over the porch and then sitting in it?

It was Alice!

(And Tom.  And Huck helped, too.  It was all very exciting.)

The girl loves cleaning.

You may even catch her throwing herself into the laundry and giving it a big ole kiss.


It’s true love.

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2 Responses to Clean Freak.

  1. redkeeney says:

    Is Alice available to come to my house this weekend? Uh… no reason… just wanted to hang with her….

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