Laying Down To Dance.

In addition to Tom’s super cool dance moves like this…


He has some like this…


And also some where he gets down on the floor and kind of spins around in a circle on his knees.

You know.

Like all the great dancers of the world!

I think Alice has seen this, and has decided to reinterpret it.

To this…



She’s dancing.

Right that very second.


Want to see it from another angle?



She will be in the middle of dancing and then she just…lies down.

She’s smiling.

It’s a dance.

A new dance for sleepy kids that will totally sweep the nation, I’m sure.

And I for one, really LOVE it.

I can’t wait to spend an afternoon doing the Alice dance.

(Although, I may dance on a softer surface.)

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2 Responses to Laying Down To Dance.

  1. Melanie says:

    And here I always thought I couldn’t dance. I can totally do the Alice dance. And Tom’s got some moves!!

  2. redkeeney says:

    I love “The Alice” and do it all the time, especially on weekends.

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