Bits Of Our Weekend.

This weekend we…

…let Tom show us his future car at a fall festival.  There were lots of old, vintage, cool-looking cars there, but this was his favorite.

photo(73) photo(74)
…saw Tom’s love of chickens continue.  When we got home, he told me he wanted a pet.  I told him he had Huck.  “No, I want a chicken!” Little chicken farmer.

…had a dance party!  See previous post for video.

…watched a BIG TRAIN come by with Uncle Adam.  Tom loved it!

…rode on a little train!

…walked along the tracks.

1235124_10202221411602988_1875473126_n photo(82)
…hung out in the corn box.  And for Tom, he “hung out” in it for over an hour.  LOVED.

…watched our nephew, Gus, be a big boy on a little pony!

…went on a hay ride!

…went on a walk to check out all the animals.  Alice loved the baby cows best.


…checked out a cool beetle.

…pretended to be scarecrows in the corn maze.

…took a great picture on the hay ride that Mommy is going to frame.

Hope y’all have a great week, my LOVES!

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One Response to Bits Of Our Weekend.

  1. redkeeney says:

    Oh you do need to frame that last one – so cute. I love Tom lying in corn. Ha!

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