Disney Day 1: Animal Kingdom Lodge.

My in-laws took us to Disney World!

(Because clearly, they want to be known as the BEST IN-LAWS EVER!)

And hey, guess what?

It was awesome.

The kids had the best time!

They loved the parks, but they loved playing with their cousins, aunt and uncle, and Mimi and Pops just as much.

And also?

The pool.

They LOVED the pool!

Tom was a total fish the day we arrived, and went down the huge waterslide they had like…at least 30 times.

I am not exaggerating.

We stayed at the Animal Kingdom Lodge (Jambo House) and it was beyond amazing.

We had a “standard view” room which apparently means you “see animals all the time right outside your balcony!”

I have no idea how a room without a standard view could be more amazing than that!

It was a really great vacation.

Want to see a lot of smiling?

Here you go!

Welcome home!

She just loved the animals.

“Mom! I’m drawing a picture for the animals.  I think they will like it!”

Hard workers. (We’d been there approximately 5 minutes. So excited!)

My magic band! (This is the new “ticket” to get in to the room, parks, pay for meals, etc.  Loved it.)

“Mickey” welcomed the kids with their own dolls and a note!  😉

DSC_0417 DSC_0431

Enjoying a snack on the porch.

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Dinner at Boma in Animal Kingdom Lodge.  It was awesome!  Kev said it was his favorite.



Sweet cousins.

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LOVE this!  Alice and Mimi.

“It all started with a mouse.” –Walt Disney

The next day?  MAGIC KINGDOM!

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1 Response to Disney Day 1: Animal Kingdom Lodge.

  1. Kristina says:

    So glad you guys had such a great time! Miss you!

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