Disney Day 2: Magic Kingdom.

When planning the trip, I never really considered going to any other park first.

I mean, you kind of HAVE TO start with the Magic Kingdom, right?!

I’m sure it’s a rule somewhere.

We got a fairly early start, and were able to get on our first ride, Peter Pan, right away!


Alice loved her first Disney ride, and Tom thought it was great, too.

(Of course!  Because it’s Peter Pan!  Love!)

We were able to ride so many of the rides I had in mind for the kids, that by the afternoon, we were just kind of…hopping on other rides to pass the time.

Alice napped during a pop up rain shower, while we hid on a restaurant’s deck.

While she did that, Kevin took Tom to Pirates of the Caribbean — which was one of his most favorites ever.

He still talks about the “mermaid skeleton!”

(So exciting!)

As per our tradition, we had dinner all together at Crystal Palace with the Winnie the Pooh characters.

(Umm…Alice hates characters, in case you were wondering.  In other news, Tom LOVES them!)

It was a really, really great day and the kids were total troopers who were just awesome the entire time.

Great, great memories!

Well…Kev and I are excited!

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Oh, the kids just didn’t want to smile with *us*!

My babies.

Dumbo with Daddy!

This cutie loved Dumbo too!

Running through the train-themed sprinklers.

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This little one didn’t want to get wet.

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We had lunch at Beauty and the Beast’s Be Our Guest restaurant!  (It was my favorite food place!) And Kev got to pose with a knight.  Score!

Tom told me the other day that he wanted to drive a race car.  And at Disney, he did!  He did awesome!

This was after the Haunted Mansion– another of Tom’s favorites!  He actually talked about how awesome it was for days and was upset that we wouldn’t let him get back on it immediately.  The man who rings the bell outside of a restaurant near the ride let Tom wear his hat and ring the bell.  Tom was so happy! (Not seen here. He’s taking it seriously.)

Nap break.

Total. Cuteness.

You hear something?  Alice does!  (It’s a parade coming!)

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Can I go ahead and tell you that the People Mover is one of my favorite rides?  Tom’s too.

Ice cream love.

Ummm…no thanks, Pooh.

DSC_0235 DSC_0233
Happy boy!  He met and posed with all the characters!  So proud!

Matching Snow Whites!

Happy playing in the mirror. (Away from those pesky characters!)

Looking at Cinderella’s castle with Pops.

Will y’all kill me if I say it was a magical day?  Okay, cause it was. (Thanks!)

Next up?  Animal Kingdom and a rainy, rainy Epcot!

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2 Responses to Disney Day 2: Magic Kingdom.

  1. Adrian B says:

    Super pictures. I am a big fan of Disney World Park. Try to make a reservation on the !900 Park Fare it is located on Floridian Resort, It is fantastic.

  2. Nicole says:

    So glad you are having a great trip. We are excited about our trip in November and we are also eating at Crystal Palace!

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