Disney Day 3: Animal Kingdom.

I made breakfast reservations at Animal Kingdom’s Tusker House restaurant for 8 a.m.

Eleven people at the park at 8 a.m.

Like…the reservation lady laughed at me and asked me a couple times if I was sure.

I said I was.

(But then that made me a little unsure, and I spent 180 days asking Kev if I had done the right thing. Isn’t he lucky?!)

Guess what?


Our family was on top of it.

We were there, waiting for the gates to open at 7:25, y’all.

All of us!

And here’s a little something I’d like to tell you about the Tusker House character breakfast…

It is the BEST EVER.

Like…it felt like my version of heaven.

Every single breakfast food you have ever imagined is there.

Plates and plates of glazed doughnuts. (!!!)

Mickey-shaped waffles.

Fruits and yogurts and eggs and bacon and sausage and cereal and quiche and EVERYTHING EVER.

It was yummy.

And the characters were awesome!

It was a really wonderful way to start a pretty great day.

Kev is excited to be in line super early, and also that he is matching is brother.   Awwww…

232323232%7Ffp;94)nu=32(7)69;)264)WSNRCG=3648( 6939335nu0mrj
All of us with Donald!

It’s a moment!  Alice meeting Mickey.


Don’t worry, we brought other kids who do love you.

Goofy signing all our autograph books!

LOVE. (Alice loved the chocolate doughnuts.)

No joke, if we’d let Tom just hang out with his cousin for the week, he’d of been a happy boy!  Disney was just a bonus. 😉  LOVE!!

Us in line for the safari.  And by “in line” I mean “we walked right on.”  Go in September, y’all!

Tom loved the dinosaur part of the park and still talks about it a week later.  Huge hit!

DSC_0322 20130923_101535
Digging for fossils.  (They loved this and spent about an hour here — it was really neat!)

Cute, happy boy!

Walking the nature trail.

And both kids fell asleep in the stroller about 11:30 a.m.  Ha!  I guess a full day at Disney the day before and the early morning was a little exhausting.

So we decided to head back to our hotel to eat lunch before heading out again.

Next up?  The wet, wet afternoon at Epcot!

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