Disney Day 3 Continued: Epcot.

So after eating lunch back at our hotel, and getting all refreshed and ready to go, we headed out to spend the afternoon/evening at Epcot.

And as soon as we got there…it started to POUR.

Not a light, summery shower.




I was a little worried, but I had dutifully packed our Dollar Tree ponchos and felt that we could ride it out.

So we hopped on the ride that’s in the Epcot ball, and Alice fell asleep.

And since we were the only people at flooded Epcot, I stayed on the ride a few more times with sleeping Alice, while Tom and Kev went to meet up with his family.

(They were so nice about letting me stay on it! And they pretty much stopped the ride when I decided she wasn’t going to wake up soon, so I needed to get off with her sleeping in my arms.  So nice!)

So I hung out with Alice inside the Epcot ball, people-watching, for about an hour.

And then I met up with Kev and Tom and the rest of the family.

And then I made a huge mistake.

I asked Tom if he wanted to go ride the Nemo ride.

He said yes.

So we got our little family all decked out in cheap ponchos and headed out.

Except cheap ponchos don’t help in a torrential downpour.

So when we got the ride line, it was cold and Tom started crying and saying he didn’t want to go on it.

So now I’m all irritated because we’ve just gotten the whole family soaked while walking over to this ride he doesn’t want to ride.

So we go back out in the rain and I’m totally at a loss as to where to go.

My brain is blocked with madness/rain.

And now Tom is really upset because he’s really soaked.


Mom, why didn’t you just stay put?!

The kids were having fun in the building they were in before I suggested going out there to get wet and cry!

Mom. Fail!

I just thought they’d want to ride rides still.

But guess what?

They didn’t.

They wanted to play with each other!

We finally found shelter at an outdoor cafe, where the kids could run around and splash in the rain while I ate cinnamon sticks Kevin bought because he is a saint.

Lesson learned.

And then we headed over to Norway to the Akershus Royal Banquet Hall for our dinner reservation.

Y’all, it was a total chaotic mad house!

We talked about it later and I think it must’ve been that with all the rain, they were just trying to get as many people inside their tiny entrance as possible.

But, dude.

It was a rather overwhelming entrance.

There were tons of wet people in a small space, then the corralled us into an even smaller space to meet Belle (from Beauty and the Beast) which of course, scared Alice to death!

She screamed like she was being tortured!

And then finally, finally, we were seated at our table.

And then all was well with the world once more.

(And dinner was great and all the princesses coming to our table was AMAZING!)

So, even though I made some mistakes this day, I have really good memories of it.

And I learned a lot, and next time, I’ll totally know what to do!

(Stay inside.)


And hey, that Epcot ball ride?  (Spaceship Earth.)  It’s pretty cool.

Ready to get wet!


Not so sure about Cinderella.

Tom actually likes the princesses, but he was sitting next to his cousin and they were like two peas in a pod and just played over there (with Mimi watching them!) while they ate.  He didn’t want his pics with them because, “I’m playing, Mom!”  Ha!  Boys!

Getting  a little braver with Sleeping Beauty.

Our baby Snow White with Snow White! (Happy!)

And then…

She saw Ariel across the room.

Alice pointed to her and began to say, “Mermaid! Mermaid! Mermaid!”

(She hasn’t seen the movie, but knows who she is from toys.)

And when Ariel came to our table — the last princess of the night — I thought Alice was going to leap out of my arms and go to her!

She was SO HAPPY!

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A little baby dream come true for Miss Alice!

With Uncle Kyle.

It was a great ending to our busy day!

Next up? More Magic! (And swimming!)

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1 Response to Disney Day 3 Continued: Epcot.

  1. redkeeney says:

    Awwww!! Glad the wet day didn’t ruin everything. Love. And love to Kevin for cinnamon sticks, because they cure everything.

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