Nighttime Conversations.

The thing about putting Tom to bed every night is that it’s kind of awesome.

The things he says when it’s just me and him and he’s trying to postpone bedtime is just…kind of great.

I mean, his conversations are just so crazy and adorable and crazy adorable.

Tonight, it went something like this…

Tom: “Mom, guess what?  Kayla told me that I was her BEST friend.”

Me: “Oh, that’s so great!  How awesome.”

Tom: (pouty face) “But I want to be Michael’s best friend.”

Me: “Well, I’m sure you are.  You can be Kayla and Michael’s best friend.”

Tom: “Okay!  I didn’t get to play with cars today.”

Me: “You mean at school?  Why not?”

Tom: “I don’t know, I guess they were dirty.”

Me: “Ummm…okay.”

Tom: “I can’t wait to go to the haircut place tomorrow and play with all of their broken remote-control cars!”

Me: (laughing) “Yeah, that will be so fun!”

Tom: “Yeah, I’m going to play with the broken one that has stripes on it.”

Me: “Okay, great.  Sounds like a plan.”

Tom: “Are we going to get birthday hats for Daddy tomorrow?”

Me: “Yes, after the haircut place, we’ll go to the store to get birthday stuff.”

Tom: “Okay, he needs a hat that goes around like this (waves hands over head) and has strings hanging off it.”

Me: “Umm…okay.  We’ll look for a hat like that.”

Tom: “Are you gonna get me a present?”

Me: “No, you’re going to pick out a present for Daddy.”

Tom: “But I want an airplane.  A wood one.”

Me: “Well, maybe you could find something like that for Daddy, and then he’ll let you play with it.”

Tom: “But I want to open it.”

Me: “Well maybe Daddy will let you help open it.”

Tom: “He will?  Okay!”

Me: “Okay, well time to go to sleep.  You can dream all about the wooden airplane you’ve tricked us into getting you as a present tomorrow.”

Tom: “Yeah.  I love you! Goodnight, Mommy.”

Goodnight boy with two best friends and a smart, smart brain.


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1 Response to Nighttime Conversations.

  1. redkeeney says:

    I would love to have these conversations. They are fantastic. Also, I would like to see a picture of Kevin in his hat.

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