Happy Birthday, Daddy!

Kevin’s birthday was on the 10th.

And I’m just now writing about it for two reasons:

1. I’m behind on blogging, but have no idea why.  I’m not busier than usual!  Maybe I’m lazier than usual.  Hmmm…

2. Kevin made me SO MAD that day!

The week of Kevin’s birthday, Tom was really excited.

I told him about it on a Sunday, so we had to make cupcakes RIGHT THEN and had a “party” for Daddy.

The “party” was us eating the cupcakes we’d just made.

It was awesome and looked like this:

DSC_0455 DSC_0459

And this…


So then a few days later, it was his actual birthday.

And I’d told the kids we would go to the store to get decorations for his party that night, and they were, as always, thrilled!

Kevin woke up that morning and headed to the airport to fly.

(He’s working on his pilot’s license.)

And I got the kids dressed, stepped outside with the kids and walked right into Tom’s carseat that was in the middle of the carport.

What I’m saying is, if you were Kevin — you’d have to step over it to get to your truck and drive away.

Which he must’ve done, seeing as he wasn’t there and the carseat was.

The carseat is new, so I’d never installed it.

Booooooooooooooooooooooooo!  Boo!

So I called him so he could talk me through it.

At first he said, “Let me just drive back home and do it.”

But I said, “No, please don’t, because then you’ll get a late start on flying and then you’ll have to drive back during traffic and just…no.  Talk me through it.”

So he talked me through the whole, super confusing, major pain thing while both kids were running back and forth in the van and it was super fun you guys!

Also, just a little side note…


So it was done.

And I said something like, “Great, thanks.  Okay, see ya later.”

And then he said something insane that sounded a lot like, “Oh, I’ll be there in about minutes.”


Boooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!  Boo!

So I left to go buy stuff for his birthday party.

And he came home to nobody and turned right around and went back to the airport, so he could get a late start on flying.

And then me and the kids decorated the house.

And I baked brownies with the kids for his party.

And I baked dinner with the kids for his birthday dinner.

And then the kids and I ate the birthday dinner without him because he got a late start on flying, therefore he got stuck in traffic coming home, and he was over and hour late to his own birthday dinner.

And then he blew out candles and we had his party and I tried not to stare at him all evil-like while he opened his presents, even though I wished I’d gotten him a kick in the shins!

And then I felt bad that I made his birthday all about me and how I was feeling so let down.

But I couldn’t help it!  I *did* feel let down!

I wanted desperately to be cool about it, but I couldn’t.  I just kind of felt…sad.

I mean, I know it was his birthday, and flying is something he loves.  And the carseat thing was an accident.  And being an hour late to a birthday dinner where the guests are just your family isn’t a big deal at all.  But, still!


Kevin gave the kids their baths that night, and put them both to bed by himself, which is no small feat.

That’s how I know he really, really loves me.

And he knows I really, really love him, because I threw him the best party EVER!

Complete with a cold chicken and rice meal, brownies, decorations the kids picked out and cupcakes from a few days before.

Y’all?  It *was* awesome and it looked like this:

DSC_0484 DSC_0478

And this…


Happy Birthday, Kevin/Daddy!

We LOVE you!  For real.

(That’s why we got you stuff you wanted, and not a kick in the shins.  You’re welcome!)

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