{Almost} Wordless Wednesday.

Sometimes my kids like to play a totally safe, and fun-for-everyone game called…

Try to squish your sibling with a door.

Want to know more?!


First, you open the front door to let the sunlight in because it’s glorious.

Then the brother traps his sister between the wall and the front door.

And then the sister traps her brother between the glass door and the front door.

And they do that over and over again and it goes on for 30 minutes.

It’s so fun and no one gets hurt! (hardly)

Try it!

(Don’t tell anyone that I told you about it.  Just pretend you invented it at your own crazy house.)

It helps if you have a skeleton that loses its leg hanging off your doorknob, but that’s optional.


And she’s pushing back!

And now he’s pushing back!  (Isn’t it intense?!  Who’s gonna get trapped next???)

Tom cannot be trapped.  He’s the big winner.  Sitting in a dog bed.

New rule!

Winner cleans the glass door.

Thanks in advance, Tom.

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