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What The Hedgehog?!

So a couple months ago, Tom said, “What the he…dgehog?!” And I said, “What did you say?” And so he repeated it. And I again double-checked with him to make sure I was understanding correctly that he was actually saying, … Continue reading

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{Almost} Wordless Wednesday.

Tom’s Thanksgiving Feast at school was today and it was super cute! I got to eat lunch with a cute Indian. And all of his Indian and Pilgrim friends were cool, too. Happy Thanksgiving!

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Bits Of Our Weekend.

We’ve been having some really fun days playing outside lately. We’ve had some pretty good weather mostly, and on the sunny afternoons we pretty much spend hours in the backyard. Yesterday I made trails through the leaves, and Tom thought … Continue reading

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Heart Broke.

Me: “Can you give this treat to Huck for me, please Tom?” (Tom does) Me: “Thanks, Tom!” (Tom runs to room, shuts the door.) Me: “Tom?  What’s wrong?” Tom (teary voice): “I didn’t want to give Huck a treat.” Me: … Continue reading

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The Stupid Police.

We’ve told Tom that the word “stupid” isn’t a nice word and he shouldn’t say it. We said that because we didn’t want him to call anyone stupid. But guess what? Turns out Kevin and I?  We say things are … Continue reading

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(Dough) Nuttiness.

Daddy bought the kids doughnuts for breakfast Sunday morning. Alice was very excited about hers — which had chocolate icing and lots of sprinkles. She dove in, studied it, then dove in again. And she smiled. And she decided that … Continue reading

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Merry Friday!

Alice is smart. I sometimes underestimate her. On Friday, I did. I took her with me to Target to pick up a few things I’d been thinking of for Christmas, and to buy out everything they had in the dollar … Continue reading

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