(Dough) Nuttiness.

Daddy bought the kids doughnuts for breakfast Sunday morning.


Alice was very excited about hers — which had chocolate icing and lots of sprinkles.


She dove in, studied it, then dove in again.


And she smiled.


And she decided that she’d gotten every single speck of icing off of it, and then…


…she fed the freshly-licked-clean doughnut to this guy!


And she was really proud of herself.


And then she wanted her Mama to stop taking pictures of her.


And then she was happy again, because I told her I was going to get her all cleaned up.

So I did.

I wiped her down and got her dressed and she was ready to go.

And guess what she found?


Another doughnut!

This one was Tom’s.

But guess what?


She didn’t see his name on it.

(Sorry, Tom!)

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2 Responses to (Dough) Nuttiness.

  1. redkeeney says:

    awwwww…. looks delicious, and I bet Huck appreciated it too.

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