Heart Broke.

Me: “Can you give this treat to Huck for me, please Tom?”

(Tom does)

Me: “Thanks, Tom!”

(Tom runs to room, shuts the door.)

Me: “Tom?  What’s wrong?”

Tom (teary voice): “I didn’t want to give Huck a treat.”

Me: “Oh?  Why not?”

Tom: “Because I wanted to play.”

Me: “Oh, I’m sorry.  You can still play, but I thought you wanted to give Huck a treat.”

Tom: “I didn’t.”

Me (trying not to laugh): “Well, I’m sorry that was so upsetting to you.  You can play now, though.”

Tom: “But my heart.  My heart is broke.”

(Fake cry.  End scene.)

((Dear Academy Awards: I have the perfect nominee for you!))

(((I just hope he remembers to thank his Mama during his acceptance speech.)))

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4 Responses to Heart Broke.

  1. Cindy Clayton says:

    Love this! And sadly I know someone else who has said some similar things. E has started talking about his feelings a lot and how they “hurt” When you say “why do you your feelings hurt?” you will get some silly reply about his stomach or leg!

  2. waymel says:

    And they say boys are “no drama.” Puh! Yesterday I asked calmly asked Ben to please stop chewing on his shoe. (Ew.) He burst into tears and yelled, “Everyone just hates me!!” Good grief.

  3. redkeeney says:

    Ha ha ha. I love this. It would be hard not to laugh.

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