The Stupid Police.

We’ve told Tom that the word “stupid” isn’t a nice word and he shouldn’t say it.

We said that because we didn’t want him to call anyone stupid.

But guess what?

Turns out Kevin and I?  We say things are stupid ALL THE TIME.

Like I may hypothetically say…”Oh my goodness, stupid car tax!”

And then Tom will say, “Did you say stupid?  You’re not supposed to say stupid, Mommy.”

And then I tell him he’s right.

And then it happens another 20 times in that same day!

But now…it’s even crazier.

Kevin and I have been more aware and are trying to say “silly” instead.

(Oh, you silly, silly car tax!)

But Tom still thinks we’re saying stupid.

And the other day, Kev said Alice’s hands were sticky.

“Did you say stupid?  You’re not supposed to, Dad.”

Kev: “But I didn’t!  I said sticky.”

Tom: “Oh.  It sounded like stupid.”

So in our telling Tom not to say stupid, which seemed like a normal life lesson, we are now getting policed whenever we say any word that starts with s.

And not only that, but Tom says stupid about 100 times more now, because he’s saying it a few times every time he corrects us from saying stuck, or stick, or start.

Tom is the the stupid police!

Of course, he doesn’t ever really say it unless he’s correcting us.

So, we’ll go ahead and count it as a parental win and try to move on.

Silly parents.


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1 Response to The Stupid Police.

  1. Stephanie says:

    My best friend’s daughter, who’s almost 3, just said, “Get your stupid @$$ out of the car!” the other day. And her mother, who works for Verizon also caught her saying to Daddy, “Put down that stupid phone.”

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