Bits Of Our Weekend.

We’ve been having some really fun days playing outside lately.

We’ve had some pretty good weather mostly, and on the sunny afternoons we pretty much spend hours in the backyard.

Yesterday I made trails through the leaves, and Tom thought it was the greatest EVER.

He was so happy to have *the* mom who invented “trails through the leaves.”


It is near impossible to get Alice off the swing on these days.

She likes to switch back and forth from her baby swing to her big girl swing, and every now and then she’ll say “circles!” which means, she wants you to twist her up so she can spin around in it.

It’s been the best of days.

With all of that said — I’ve gotten no pictures of it really.

So!  Just imagine it — it’s perfectly awesome!

But I do have a few pictures from the past few days, and here’s how they look…

Alice on her favorite slide at Catch Air.

These two blurs are Tom and one of his best girl friends.  They went up and down this slide about 15 times in a row.  They held hands going down the slide.  They raced.  They rode down on the same slide together.  They’re the cutest. Tom + Gracie = FOREVER!

Doesn’t she look big?!  I took this just because she was suddenly huge.  She was a baby yesterday.  Today, she’s huge.  I don’t understand it!

Our neighbor brought us over her Target catalog.  Tom looks at it intently several times a day now.  Like…tonight, he is sleeping with it.  Santa’s elves are already done making all of his toys though, so…

Remember when I accidentally matched Tom all the time?  Now it’s Alice.  Today both Alice and I wore purple.  She was not content with her purple shirt, purple skirt, purple pants combo — so she took my purple sweater and scarf.  She’s a little fashionista for sure.  I know she’s not wearing it like the models do — but I can pretty much guarantee they will be wearing it like this soon! (No, really.  I wouldn’t be surprised.)

Hope y’all are having a great week, my LOVES!

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