What The Hedgehog?!

So a couple months ago, Tom said, “What the he…dgehog?!”

And I said, “What did you say?”

And so he repeated it.

And I again double-checked with him to make sure I was understanding correctly that he was actually saying, “What the hedgehog?!”

And then I asked, “Where did you learn that?”

And you know what he said immediately?


Now, Grandma is my mother, and I have never, ever in my life heard her say, “What the hedgehog?!”  — but I just said okay and moved on.

A few days later, he said it again.

And again I asked him where he heard that.

Because honestly, I just didn’t really believe him and I thought he just spouted out the first name that had come to him earlier.

But this time he said, “Mo-ooom! I told you!  Grandma says that!”

So anyway, I called Grandma.

And I told her about this story, and she laughed and laughed and then she said, “I have no idea what he’s talking about!  I don’t think I’ve ever said that.”

(See, Tom?  Told you so!)

I don’t think she’s ever said it either.

You know why?


But he is insistent.  Grandma says it.

And now our little Tom says it.

And he says it quite a bit.

And I’ve never told him not to say it because…well, there’s nothing actually wrong with saying “What the hedgehog?!” except that it sounds like he’s about to curse until he gets to the -dgehog part.

But if he ever gets in trouble for saying it in his future school career, we will definitely know who to blame.

The woman who started it all…


He’s smiling because he knows he’s successfully framed Grandma.

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1 Response to What The Hedgehog?!

  1. redkeeney says:

    ha ha… I’m going to say this all the time now. And I will blame Tom. And Grandma.

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