Happy Thanksgiving. Except Not.


I used to work every Thanksgiving.

For 12 years, I spent Thanksgiving in a newsroom (or the control room or the studio) and worked.

And I’d get a plate of Thanksgiving food that they had brought in and I’d eat it at my desk with my co-workers.

It wasn’t the best — but it wasn’t the worst either.

You know what is worse than that?

Missing it.

Missing it completely.

Because you are home with your super sick baby boy.


After 3 days of high fever and a doctor’s visit, it became clear that Tom and I would be spending Thanksgiving just the two of us at home watching the movie “Turbo” four times in a row.

I was sad to miss Thanksgiving, but so very sad for my sick Tom.

When you have a usually active child like Tom, watching him be sick is just such a shock.

It scares me to death.

He was such a trooper.

Just wanting to  lay there (…or lie there.  I’ve given up figuring this out.) and watch his new movie, which Santa cleverly left in my bedroom closet and told me I could give him that day.

He drank his juice.

He took his medicine.

He missed Alice.

Because Alice and Daddy were able to go his brother’s house with the family that day.

Kevin was under strict instructions to take a lot of pictures — especially of Alice with his grandma who was visiting from Illinois — so he brought back like…3.

I took this one!  Cutest little turkey!

Alice with her girl cousins.

Alice with Gigi — who she loves!

Kevin said they had a wonderful time and Alice was so happy to play with everyone.

When they got home, Alice started having a bit of a cough, but we were hopeful she wouldn’t get Tom’s full-blown sickness.

And so, as I was eating the leftover Thanksgiving Kevin’s mom so thoughtfully packaged up for me, Alice coughed, gagged and threw up all over it.

I couldn’t even have leftover Thanksgiving, y’all!

And so that started 3 more days of exactly the same thing with Alice.


That meant — no Christmas tree buying.

And no Fantasy in Lights weekend at Callaway Gardens.

(Total sad face, you guys. Totally.)

So to me, this Thanksgiving has been kind of the pits.

But you know what?

My kids?

They’ve been the best.

No complaints.

I mean, I’m sure they don’t like being sick — but they have just totally gone along with whatever.

No Thanksgiving?

That’s okay!  Tom loved his carrot casserole when he got it — it was the first thing he’d eaten in days and he ate it ALL.

No Christmas tree yet?

That’s okay!

We’ve decorated all of our little trees for their rooms and they’ve just loved it.

No Fantasy in Lights at Callaway?

They LOVE that Kevin put up some of the lights on our house last night.

They watched him do it from the window, and squealed with delight when they came on.

These kids?

They are smarties.  They are a joy.

And they know what’s important.

I don’t think my kids would think this Thanksgiving was the pits at all.

They think it was kind of awesome.

And now that I think about it…

It kind of was.

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5 Responses to Happy Thanksgiving. Except Not.

  1. Nicole says:

    Sorry to hear your kiddos were sick. That’s the worst, especially on a holiday. But I am glad you managed to see the best out of the situation. Hoping you all stay healthy for the rest of the festivities!

  2. redkeeney says:

    Hope everyone is better!

  3. Kristina says:

    Sorry to hear that the kids were sick! I hope they are feeling better! Hope you all are doing well! XOXO

  4. Melanie says:

    Sooo with you on the lay vs lie foolishness. I always say lay, even though I know I should use lie at some point. I’m sorry your littles were sick and hope everyone is better now.

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