Pink Pig Time!

I met up with a group of friends today and we took the kids to the Pink Pig!

Our holiday tradition continues!

And this was Alice’s first ride — and she did great.

Tom LOVED it, of course.

It was a great day and I’m happy we were able to share it with friends!

I asked Alice to pose.  Like it?  I do, too.

Oh. My.  I do love these babies!  Especially since this photo was supposed to be to show off their matching shirts — but I like it like this. (Good call, kids.)

Is this a pic of my friend, Jen?  Yes.  But also, this is what the kids started doing as soon as they saw each other.  Just a “Hey!” and an immediate run around the mall.  Can you believe these children’s parents let them *do* that?!  I know! 😉

Girls are always photo-ready.

Tom and Ellie.  LOVE!

Alice is HAPPY!

Pointing at all those crazy pigs.

She loved holding onto her ticket!

Afterward we decided to visit Santa.  Tom was so excited to walk through the huge Christmas tree to see him.  It was pretty cool, I must say.

The kids who decided Santa wasn’t too scary!

(Alice decided he is actually VERY frightening.)

((Which worries me, because Saturday are our actual Santa photos.))

(((Alice is gonna HATE IT.)))

((((Merry Christmas!!))))

Weird, happy kids.

It was a really fun day.

The kids had a blast!  They were awesome.  And we got to play with our friends!

Goodbye, sickness!  Yay, Christmas!

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2 Responses to Pink Pig Time!

  1. Kristina says:

    It was so much fun having the kids get together! Love seeing you all!

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