Snowman Play Doh.

The other day I decided to make some play doh for the kids.

I just used a simple recipe, and then added glitter.

I told them it was “snowman play doh” and then I made little accessories for it so they could actually make snowmen with it if they wanted to.

I’m telling you this because it was (drumroll…)


(Never happens!)

A craft that is such a huge hit, I can’t even tell you.

Tom played with it that first day for over an hour.

An hour!

Alice played with it for a long time too, before moving on to reading books.

(She is my child after all.)


I’m so excited that Tom loves it so much.

He’s played with it every day.  Multiple times a day.

I love homemade play doh — it’s easy (I had all the ingredients in my cabinet already), it’s makes a lot, it’s softer, and it lasts a lot longer. (I have a batch that is 2 years old, and is still softer than the store-bought kind new.)

What I’m saying is…

Are you bored today?

Make yourself some homemade play doh.

It’s the best.


His bus got stuck in a snowstorm!

She liked tearing hers apart and then smushing lots of the pipe cleaners in there.  Because…that’s totally fun, y’all!

Little Miss Play Doh Pants.

(That picture freaks me out.  She looks SO big, right?  OMGoodness!)


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1 Response to Snowman Play Doh.

  1. waymel says:

    She does look big. And that wrinkled nose! You should have more kids – your first 2 are so amazingly cute, there should be more!! 😉

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