Christmas Eve and Christmas day were spent at our house.

It was the best ever.

On Christmas Eve our only plans were to attend our church’s children’s mass — which, for future reference, is VERY popular (and rightfully so)!  It was amazing and our kids had a great time!  (Were ours the only ones dancing in the aisles and clapping after songs?  Mayyyybe.)

They were so good and cute and it was so, so great and I’m happy that we were able to go!

We came home, ate soup and got in our Christmas pajamas…

These are two exceptionally cute kiddos — right?!  I know!

And then we had popcorn and watched The Polar Express!

We set out our homemade cookies and some milk for Santa, and we sprinkled reindeer food and a couple carrots out in our driveway for his reindeer.  They were SO excited to do this.  LOVE!

And after reading them “Twas the Night Before Christmas” — they went to bed.

And while they were sleeping…


(Also? I slept on the couch in case Tom woke up and I didn’t hear him or something.  I was so scared about that.  And *I* was so excited, I woke up before anyone else, turned on the lights, put on Christmas music and made coffee before Tom even got up!)

((Also, also?  I’m nuts.))

So the plan was that Tom would wake up, but I’d tell him we’d have to go downstairs and get Daddy, so then Daddy could help me wake up Alice so they could see everything at the same time.

Instead, Tom woke up and was so THRILLED that he didn’t even hear me say that we should get Daddy.  He just started pointing to everything, and checking everything out.  (Because, that’s what I’d do too.)

So I ran down to get Kevin, and then I ran into Alice’s room to get her up.

Poor girl was in a hazy daze!

I mainly just held her in my lap on the couch for about 10 minutes before she finally said, “Baby doll?”

And that right there, are my kids’ personalities in a nutshell.











(I made this doorway house — they loved it!  Yay!)

It was the best Christmas EVER!

I say that every year, but it’s always true.

They honestly loved every gift this year — and that is just the best!

If I had to pick favorites, though, I think Tom’s favorite were his Hot Wheels cars that have the Transformers picture on the bottom.  And Alice’s favorite was her Play Doh kitchen set.

But they truly did love and appreciate everything.  It was awesome.

We hope y’all had a wonderful Christmas, too!

LOVE you guys!!

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2 Responses to Christmas.

  1. Stephanie says:

    LOVE the black & white of you with the kids. So beautiful . Stella has the same JP’s Slice had one. My mama got them for her before she was born. She wore them in Christmas Day too!

  2. Kristina says:

    Love that 1st picture! Glad you had such a great Christmas!

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