January Instagrams.

Dear Mom and Dad,

I’ve started using an app on my phone called Instagram.  It’s another social media thing, except this one has yet to be ruined by the political feelings of people I went to elementary school with, so I’m using it more these days.  It makes my so-so pictures sometimes look cute.

I don’t want you to worry about having to figure this out to see your pictures of your grandchildren.  I promise I will always post them to Facebook or to this blog.

You may have noticed that I have stopped blogging for some unknown reason.  I’m sorry, and I promise to do much better.

In the meantime, here are all the Instagrams I posted in January!  And now, you’re all caught up!

LOVE, k.

At the last minute one day, I took the kids to the aquarium.  This was the first time I did it without a stroller — and it was total FREEDOM and the best day ever.

We had made the dining room table a fort earlier in the day, but then he wanted to watch YouTube videos of transformers on the computer, and I think he was nervous to do it in the fort.  He’s the cutest little scaredy ever.

Every day after school, Tom holds Alice’s hand — which makes his best friend sad — and so Tom always has Alice on one side and Michael on the other.  It’s an everyday love fest.

Alice started taking a gymnastics class on Fridays.  They basically have little obstacle courses set up and the we have 30 minutes to explore them with our baby gymnasts. This was taken on her first day — she LOVED it. (She was more reserved the 2nd week.)

One Saturday, Kevin took the kids to hang out at his parents house for the day, and I emptied out Tom’s closet like a psycho.

But then it miraculously turned into this!  One garbage bag of trash, one garbage bag for goodwill, and a much cleaner and organized closet for Tom.  He loves his closet.  Like…he tells strangers about it.

Tom didn’t know he had a Taun-Taun sleeping bag until I cleaned out his closet.  And now that he knows, he’s never letting it go back in there.  (He has it on his bed, and sleeps in it.  This development makes his Star Wars-loving Daddy super happy.)

We’ve had a few sunny, semi-warm days this month, which has been the best.  On this day, my angel is putting birdseed in the bird feeder.  She loves doing this, and is always sad when I actually have to hang the feeder back up.  Love her sweet soul.

Alice put all of her butterfly stickers on my face.  “Pretty Mommy!!”  She was so very happy and proud of herself.  She’s a little artist.

Happy January, my LOVES!  Hope you’re having a great month!

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1 Response to January Instagrams.

  1. Kristina says:

    Love that last picture of Alice…just beautiful! Miss you! xoxo

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