Party Of One.

This weekend Tom went to a birthday party for his friend, Emma.

Emma’s party was at The Little Gym, which is the cutest place ever.

The teachers have all sorts of cute activities and games for the kids, and it was a great time.

This was also the first time I’d attended a birthday party with Tom and did not actively participate.

The kids were in the gym with the teachers, and I was hanging out with a few other moms, watching Tom through the glass.

(Which was awesome when Tom walked up the glass, told a really long story with lots of hand movements, and I couldn’t hear a word he was saying.)

((I just nodded.  Hope he didn’t ask for an elephant for a pet or something.))

Observing Tom at this party was so interesting.

First, the teachers asked the kids to all run around the gym mats in a circle.

While they were doing that, Tom went to the other side of the gym to play on the equipment.

Right after the running, the teachers told the kids to play on the equipment.

So what did Tom do?

He ran right over to the gym mats, and started running in circles!

And Tom was having the BEST TIME.

He just loved running around in circles (by himself) and playing on the equipment (by himself).

And so when the gym sent me the group picture from the birthday party, this is what I got:


Do you see Tom?


So I asked him about it.

“Tom, why aren’t you in this group picture?”

“Because I wanted to PLAY!  And RUN!”

Ha ha!

He’s a crazy maniac.

I happen to adore and LOVE crazy maniacs.

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