Snow Hate.

Dear children,

I know you were both so excited to be getting snow this week.  I agreed with you.  It was exciting, and when it started falling, we couldn’t wait to get all bundled up and head out there to play in it.

And then we were in it.

And then you, Tom, wanted to take your mittens off and touch it, and when you did you started to cry.  You said it was cold and wet and ran inside in tears.

And then you, Alice, were out there when the snow was falling on your face and you started to cry.  And you said, “Don’t like it!!” and tried to run inside with your big puffy pink coat and it made it hard for you to run and you fell a little and just HATED LIFE.

I’m sorry, children.  I thought it would be fun too.

But the cold wet stuff was definitely cold and wet, and I’m sorry I did not adequately warn you.

My apologies.





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