Tom’s 4th Birthday.

One of my favorite things about Tom’s birthday this year was that we were able to celebrate his actual birthday at home and school, and he was totally thrilled!

In the past, we pretty much just celebrated at his party.

But this year, he knew it was his big day and couldn’t wait to celebrate with us.

It was great!DSC_0835
Tom was so very excited to see the house decorated for him.  He loved his “special chair” and was very careful with it.  Seeing him that morning so full of joy was just the best!

I hung this in his doorway while he was sleeping — biggest. hit. ever!!  He and Alice both loved it so very much. (From the Dollar Tree.) It lasted about 2 days — but it was a fun 2 days!

I put out one present for him to open before school.  He was so happy!!

Cupcake for breakfast!

Daddy and Alice joined me that afternoon at Tom’s school where we all sang to him, ate cupcakes and Tom got to wear his special hat made for the day.  He was THRILLED and felt really special. (And he got to pick a prize from the birthday box.  He picked Play Doh and a car, because he couldn’t just pick one and the teachers let him have both. Ha!)

And he spent the afternoon beating up his new helium balloons!

And then he got to open the rest of the gifts from us.  This was his big gift — a Transformers Play Doh set.  It’s very loved and gets played with every day.

It really was the best of days.

I loved how his day was so easy and simple to make special for him.  Just a few little things made the whole day feel amazing!

He smiled all day.

And he was so appreciative of everything, and that just made it awesome for everyone.

That night before bed he told me that he “loved his day.”  Awww…

And then he said, “But what about my superhero party?”

I told him we’d do that over the weekend, and he was much relieved.


Happy, Happy 4th Birthday to the sweetest boy in the world!


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