Tom’s 4th Birthday Party: {Superhero Theme}

About a month or so before Tom’s birthday, I told him I thought he’d probably like a Hot Wheels birthday party.

He agreed that would be awesome.

I began pinning some ideas, and was pretty excited about it.

And then a week after that, Tom said, “I want a superhero party! Like from Super Buddies!”

(Super Buddies is a Disney movie about superhero dogs that we’ve watched on Netflix.)

I wasn’t sure I really believed him, but it *did* sound fun.

So for a few days, I asked him if he still wanted a superhero party and he always said “Yes!!”

So, for the first time, Tom chose the theme of his birthday party.

And he did a great job!  It was an awesome idea!

We had his party at the clubhouse of the pool we belong to down the street.

Which was awesome.

It’s just a big empty space with tables, chairs and a kitchen.  Perfect!

From previous experience, I knew I wanted this party to be on a budget, and I wanted it to be stress-free.

I am very happy to say it was both!  Woo!

(Y’all?  I may be getting the hang of this!)

So here are the highlights of the fun at Tom’s Superhero Birthday Party!

Knocking down buildings!

Spraying the bad guys with “spider webs” (silly string).

Or, you know, spraying each other. (Of course!)

Superhero Maxine!

DSC_0935 (2)
Tom with his school buddies!

DSC_0944 (2)

DSC_0945 (2)
Superhero training obstacle course! (They all passed.  Isn’t that amazing?!)

Happy Birthday To You….

This is a lot of well behaved and awesome kids.  For real!

DSC_0966 (2)
Alice trying to sneak gifts.

DSC_0960 (2)
I love this.  LOVE.

DSC_0971 (2)
Tom and Mom.

Super Party People!

It was awesome and amazing and I’m so happy everyone could come and celebrate Tom’s big day!

Tom had a blast.  A. BLAST!

He loved every single person.  He loved every single thing.  He loved every gift he opened.

It really was a wonderful and special day for him.

And for that, I am SUPER thankful!

I’m so happy my super Tom has such super friends!


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2 Responses to Tom’s 4th Birthday Party: {Superhero Theme}

  1. Kristina says:

    You did such a marvelous job! You are awesome! Crosby and Addison had such a blast! Addison was so excited about seeing Tom!! Miss you!

  2. waymel says:

    If you decide not to become a famous mommy-blogger, you could definitely be a party planner. You’re amazing! And that picture of the long table with tons of people…oh my word! I don’t even know that many people!
    PS – We’re going to Disney this spring, but I am trying hard to forget your posts on your trip so I don’t feel terrible about myself.;-)

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