Party Details: Tom’s {Superhero Themed} Birthday.

Planning Tom’s Superhero-themed birthday party was really, really fun!

There are a lot of ideas out there, and I liked the challenge I’d given myself to stick to buying almost everything from the Dollar Tree.

I’ve done some posts in the past where I posted some details on how I made things, but this time I’m going to include the prices on things — mainly because it’s easy since everything was $1.

We had a lot of guests at this party, so keeping it on a budget was really important to us, and y’all?  It wasn’t harder to keep it on budget at all.

I thought it was easier.

It was really fun (for me) to think of things that would be inexpensive, but really fun.

Something I’ve really come to realize this last year is that kids are fun little people.  And they can have fun doing most anything.  And having 28 of your friends in the same room with you is pretty much THE BEST, so anything else — like decorations, or favors — are just cool bonuses.

They don’t need them, but they’re fun if you can swing it.

And as you will see, the biggest hit at this party was basically free.

I just loved everything this party was.

Because the best part of a party is celebrating your super awesome 4-year-old and being with all of his friends!

You guys already knew this, didn’t you?

Y’all are so smart!

Tables: 3 Red tablecloths ($3); 40 plates, 40 napkins ($4); Tootsie Roll pops (???, bought at Publix); Centerpieces were old boxes wrapped with paper bought at…Dollar Tree!  I used the paper throughout, but I bought 4 rolls total ($4). Electric tape to make the “windows” on the boxes ($1), Balloons with ribbon ($2) and I already had the helium tank from a past party.

Kevin was in charge of all the party pictures, and he did great!  Even getting a close-up on the superhero lollypop that I put at each place setting.  Free printable HERE.

Dessert table: Background was a display board from Dollar Tree ($1) and I just used a book to make the straight lines when drawing the buildings, and used acrylic paint I already had to paint it in. (It took an hour in total time.)  Cookies were made by me and the kids (it’s store-bought cookie dough, sprinkles we had). Cupcakes were made from a cake mix, toppers were this FREE PRINTABLE, and his 4 candle with two star candles came in a set from…Dollar Tree ($1).

Superhero Aim Game: Display board from Dollar Tree ($1), I used a bowl to draw the circles and a kitchen knife to cut them out, paint I already had and these FREE PRINTABLES to dress it up.  Ping pong balls used for tossing from…Dollar Tree ($1).  (Total time: 20 minutes.)

Superhero Capes: I actually planned on buying the guests some capes from the Dollar Tree, but I never could find them again after the one time I saw them.  So!  I went to plan B.  I bought 4 yards of red felt from Hobby Lobby, and I made 28 capes.  Each cape took a few minutes to cut out, and then I just hot glued velcro onto the neck.  The back of the capes were made of felt I already had.  I used this FREE TEMPLATE for the capes, and it was simple and great.  This was also their party favor, so it worked out great! (I *think* it averaged about $1.75 per cape.)

Spider Web Shoot Game: Now, this background was not bought at Dollar Tree. Wah-wah. (Party City: $5.99), 10 cans of Silly String from Dollar Tree ($10).  This game was a HUGE hit.  HUGE.  The added bonus was this was a cool decoration, and we taped it on the doors that normally lead to the pool, which was being worked on, so I was hopeful this would cover up what could be a distraction for preschoolers. It worked!

Building Knock-Out Game: You know how I said that last game was a huge hit?  What’s bigger than that?  That’s what this was.  This game cost $2, because those puncher thingys were from Dollar Tree.  Old boxes wrapped with wrapping paper and electric tape windows were the biggest hit of all!  They played with them the whole time!  They punched them.  They built them.  They made them into a tunnel.  HUGESTOFHUGE hit.  The silly string game didn’t last nearly as long as this game — which was boxes.  The game of boxes.

DSC_0897    DSC_0902
See?!  LOVED!

I saw that Oriental Trading had masks for $3, but shipping was $8!  No.  I used red cardstock I had leftover from our wedding (don’t ask), and elastic I had, and star stickers were from…Dollar Tree ($1).  The girls especially loved this craft!  It was just out on a table and they could make themselves one if they wanted at any time.  We had 5 left over, and Alice has spent many an afternoon decorating them.  I used this FREE TEMPLATE.

DSC_0945 (2)
Superhero Training Obstacle Course: All of our future superheroes ran through the course.  They had to run through the “villians” — which were cheerleader megaphones (Dollar Tree: 5 for $5) with a villian (Google images) taped on it; then they crawled through the tunnel (we had it); then jumped in each hula hoop and spun around (we had them); and then they got a superhero badge (Dollar Tree: 20 for $2).  This game went QUICK.  Like…I didn’t even really have time to explain it, and then it was done!  Ha!  But I do think they really liked it, and it was cute to see them do it with their capes and masks.

This is what all the happy, crazy, party people looked like!  It was a serious blast!  I mean, there were that many people there!!  I love that Tom is so loved!

DSC_0971 (2)
I am SO happy with how this party turned out.

I keep thinking I’ll have a smaller party for Tom someday, but then…we just LOVE everyone!

I just loved seeing Tom with all of his best buddies — it was just the greatest.

I’ve really struggled with not being stressed when having a “big” party — but this was big and I wasn’t stressed at all.

Possibly because I have the best friends and family ever.

Moms and Dads were constantly offering help passing out and handing out things.

Grandparents were keeping my little Alice entertained.

Kevin knows I need pictures of everything so I can see it come together, and he just did it.

I love these people!

It was a really fun day, and the best part was that Tom really loved it.

I think it was everything he was hoping for, and that makes me insanely happy.

(Also?  We didn’t open his presents until we got home.  This was the first time we’ve done that, and I’m so glad we did.  It was 100% easier to keep track of everything.)

So, are you all set?

Go plan yourself a superhero party!

You’ll LOVE it.

I promise.

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