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I have wonderful, beautiful, kind, smart, courageous people for friends. It’s true. Two of those amazing friends, Jen and Victoria, have started an amazing company called littleBLAST. littleBLAST (Begin Learning About Science Together) — is a monthly box of themed … Continue reading

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Alice’s {Favorite Things} 2nd Birthday Party.

This year I wanted to keep Alice’s birthday party pretty simple (for me). Her party was a small affair of just family, and her three very best friends. I decided to just make the party all about all the things … Continue reading

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Alice’s Birthday.

Alice’s actual birthday was the best day ever. She woke up that morning to streamers on her door,  balloons hanging above our dining room table, and cupcakes for breakfast! And then — we went to Everland Play (a really cool … Continue reading

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Alice Is TWO.

Dear Alice, You are 2 years old today! That means that two years ago today, I discovered that I in fact *was* meant to have a beautiful baby girl. And oh — how many times in the past two years … Continue reading

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Dear Babies.

Dear babies, I love how much you love this weather.  Every day we’re outside.  It feels like the summer people talk about.  (Not the summer we actually have with humidity and bugs.)  I love it.  You’re outside swinging.  We’re in … Continue reading

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Soccer Mom.

Saturday was Tom’s first soccer practice. I think this “league” is going to be awesome for Tom. They practiced for 30 minutes on Saturday. This Saturday, they will practice for 30 minutes before immediately playing their first game. So basically, … Continue reading

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Dear Sleepy Head.

Dear Sleepy Head, You told me about an hour ago that you didn’t want to take a nap, you just wanted to watch The Avengers.  I said okay.  Now you’re asleep while sitting up.  I love that this is who … Continue reading

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Dear Rocket Ship.

Dear Rocket Ship, I love that I took you downstairs with me so I could get dressed, and you insisted on coming back up as a rocket.  Your fashion sense never ceases to amaze me these days.  I’m only surprised … Continue reading

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A Day At The Museum.

This weekend was jam-packed! And it was great! It was really beautiful weather, and that just puts everyone in a good mood right away, doesn’t it? And on top of that, we were able to spend the weekend with great … Continue reading

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