A Day At The Museum.

This weekend was jam-packed!

And it was great!

It was really beautiful weather, and that just puts everyone in a good mood right away, doesn’t it?

And on top of that, we were able to spend the weekend with great friends.

Saturday was awesome, but in order to blog about it I need Kevin to hand over his phone photos — so while I’m waiting, how about I go ahead and share Sunday?

Sunday we met up with my friend, Cindy, and her family at Tellus Science Museum.

This was the first time Tom would meet Cindy’s oldest son, Everett, but she knew they would get along because everything I blog about Tom, is basically a blog about Everett.

They are the same.

They are basically…all boy.

And she was right.

These boys hit it off from the moment they saw a grassy hill and decided to RUN!

And then they spent the next couple hours running everywhere and being boys and it was awesome.

Here’s how it looked…

“Hi, nice to meet you. Let’s RUN!”

Alice didn’t really want to step foot in the dinosaur fossil area.  And then when she did (I held her) she pointed to every single one and would say, “I scared of that one.  I scared of that one. I scared of that one.” Infinity.  They *were* scary, Alice!  I’m sorry! (The boys loved them.  Of course!)

See?  They knew what they were.  And Tom pretended to read about them.  So smart!

Moving right along to space exploration…

Astronaut.  And a little extra astronaut in the back.

They know what they’re doing.  Don’t worry.

And panning for gems.  Or as Tom called it: “Dumping water everywhere.” Subtitle: “I’m soaked.”

I’m not sure my kids even realized there were gems in there.  They just thought it was a sandy bath for hands.


If I ever needed to find Everett, he was here.  Kevin agreed that whatever this was, “was really cool,” so there you go.  Smart *and* cool = Everett.


Alice and Miss Cindy.  Alice loved her!

Oh, and Cindy has another boy, Stewart!  Ha!  My kids loved him.  Alice gave him a serious hug/choke hold.  He was the smiliest, cutiest baby ever.

Pretty much my fave.  Purple is Alice’s favorite color, and when she saw it, she just had to get as close as she could.  Smushed nose LOVE!

And then the day ended as it began…RUNNING!

It was so great to get together with Cindy and her family and for our boys to meet!

It was kind of, just the best.

(And Kevin — my “really loves to learn” husband — thought Tellus was the best ever.  Like, I had to tell him (nicely??) to watch Tom instead of just…reading all the stuff about all the stuff.  Ha!  I think he really wants to go back without us.  Whatever, Kevin!)

Great, wonderful family day and I’m so happy we were able to spend it with friends!

Hope y’all have a wonderful week, my LOVES!

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