My Birthday.


Dear Family,

Thank you for making my birthday so special.  I loved being home and having you, Mom and Dad, with me.  Thank you for my cake, Mom.  We’re still enjoying it.  One day I was on the phone and realized the cake was not where I had left it on the dining room table.  I started to look for it and finally found it — upside down in it’s container, with Tom standing on it eating leftover mac-and-cheese off the stove.  So…thanks!  Cake and a step stool — you’re so talented!  Thank you hubby, for being such a beefcake.  Thank you, Tom and Alice, for having such a wonderful day at the Cherry Blossom Festival.  I loved how happy you were.  Tom, you rode every ride you could, but you especially loved the bumper cars.  Such joy!  And Alice, you loved petting every “puppy dog” you saw. You are happy kids.  And that makes me so very thrilled.  Happy Birthday to me! LOVE you all!





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