Zoo Crazy.


Dear Alice,

When we went to the zoo last week with your BFF, Maggie, I didn’t realize it would be the busiest day ever.  Once we finally got parked, I was very, very scared it would be so crowded it wouldn’t be fun.  I shouldn’t have worried about that.  We just started at the end of the zoo and went to the playground first.  You liked that okay, but you saw the carousel from there — and you really wanted to try it.  (I think your love of Mary Poppins warmed you to the idea.)  You chose to ride on a bear.  You were so brave and had such a great time.  I believe it was your favorite part of the zoo.  Later in the day, you requested to see a tiger, but it was too crowded in that area, so I tried to placate you with baby lion cubs.  It worked.  You loved them and later told Daddy that they “payed” and “drank water.”  And you liked to talk about the “Mommy lion” a  lot too.  Your love of cats continues.  LOVE you so much, brave girl.  I loved our special girls day.  LOVED.




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  1. redkeeney says:

    Her hair is getting so long!

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