The Color Run.

The best part about being crazy enough to train for a half marathon right out of the gate is that when you decide to do a 5k later, it seems so…short.

And it is the best!

My sweet friend, Sarah, asked me if I would like to join her in running The Color Run — which would be her first race and one that she’d been training for.

I couldn’t wait!

The Color Run is something I’d seen and thought I’d really like — and it was amazing.

My biggest fear after finishing the half in February, is that I wouldn’t run anymore and my work would be kind of…wasted.

I really liked following a plan and having a goal to look toward — an end game.

And honestly, that was beginning to happen.

I certainly wasn’t sticking to my previous training schedule, and I wasn’t making any time for it at all.

I am so thankful that Sarah asked me to do this with her and her friend, Cameron, because it has completely changed my thinking!

It was so fun!  And do-able!

And I know there are a lot of other fun races out there I’d like to try.

This was the kick I needed to get going and stick with it.  I’ve already picked out some other races I’d like to do this year, so I can keep having goals to reach.

Now, if you don’t know about The Color Run — this is a race that throughout the course they have people squirting colored powder at you.

Honestly Southerners, it felt like being doused with pollen.

It was so fun, and I couldn’t help but laugh every time (and get a mouthful of color).

Trying to explain what I was doing to Tom, was an adventure in itself.

Me: “This is a race where people will throw colors on me, so I’ll start off clean and then by the end of the race I’ll look like a rainbow.”

Tom: “Really?!  That sounds awesome, Mom!”

Me: “Right?  Yeah, that’s the theme of this race.  Other races have other themes.  Like…I want to do one at Christmas time that’s all about Christmas lights!”

Tom: “And people will throw Christmas lights at you?!”

Me: “Ummm…no…”

It was the best and I’d highly recommend it!

Sarah did a fantastic job, too, so there was happiness all around!




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4 Responses to The Color Run.

  1. waymel says:

    What fun! There was one here last weekend, but I didn’t know about it until the day before. Definitely doing one of those next year!

  2. redkeeney says:

    me too! me too! I want to do a color run. And I can’t wait to stand on the course and throw Christmas lights at you. That one’s gonna be awesome.

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