An Awesomely Wet Almost Easter.

My parents invite my mom’s great, big, awesome family to their “farm” in Eastman for the Saturday before Easter.

Everyone comes.

It is amazing.

We have a great big dinner outside and there is fishing and boating and games and an Easter egg hunt.

And sometimes — it rains.

And when that happens…

We don’t change our plans AT ALL.

We do all of those things IN THE RAIN!

Does that sound awesome and amazing to you?

It is.

I promise.

I’m sensing you may not believe me, so let me show you…

photo-7 (2)
Playing with the electric boat with PawPaw.

Meeting the baby kittens who were born in a barn trash can.

photo-6 (2)
He’s pulling up the massive basket of fish.  He did this a lot.  He’s a torturer of fish.  But a sweet one.

See those baby bird eggs?  Tom stole one and hid it.  He told me about it, and at first I didn’t realize what he was saying!  Once I did, I had him show it to me and then I put it back.  (He’s really good at hiding baby bird eggs, by the way.)

photo (4)
My Uncle Mike showed him how to fish.  He loved it.  And he really loved my Uncle Mike, telling me later, “Uncle Mike is real cool.”

photo-5 (2)
The littles getting ready to hunt!

photo-3 (2)
Just so you know, I am lame at hiding eggs.  My family members are total experts!  Like, they’re putting blue eggs on blue things, and finding all sorts of creative spots.  I’m like…throwing them down in plain sight.  (I’m helping out the little-littles!)

photo-2 (3)
Getting help from Grandma.

photo-1 (3)

It really was amazingly perfect in every way.

My kids thought it was heaven on earth, and it really felt like the best day.

I loved seeing all my aunts, uncles and cousins!

I’m so blessed to come from such a gigantic and amazing family.

I’m so happy my kids get to see how awesome it is.

It was the best (almost) Easter ever!

Thanks, family.  You’re the best.



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2 Responses to An Awesomely Wet Almost Easter.

  1. redkeeney says:

    the littles are so cute!
    I sent you some kittens. I was feeling guilty for always being the only one to have them.

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