A Wonderfully Beautiful Actual Easter.

We woke up on Easter Sunday morning at our house to a beautiful day and Easter goodies compliments of the big bunny himself.

The kids were thrilled!

(And Tom noticed that the Easter bunny put a lot of things in his basket from the Dollar Tree.  That bunny shops where we do!  He was totally impressed.)

After the baskets, we headed to see Mimi and Pops, Uncle Kyle and Amy and the cousins for an amazing lunch, and an Easter egg hunt!

Easter Sunday was the best.

The kids were thrilled to see everyone and play with their cousins.

We’re so lucky to have such an awesome family!

DSC_0753 DSC_0766
The Easter bunny came!

And, you know, the bunny left straw glasses.

I wanted the kids to pose together before we headed to Mimi and Pops’ house.  Tom was game, Alice was not.  I love his arms.  And his face.  And his everything.

More JOY!

Do you like his shirt?  He picked it out himself and is very proud of it.  He made me wash it immediately so he could wear it to school this week, and was thrilled when everyone complimented him on it.  Mr. Fashion!


The girls on the hunt!  The cousins were so awesome helping out my littles and sharing their eggs to make sure they had equal amounts.  How sweet is that?!

They’re posing together on the wall.  With a big spot in the middle where there was dirt, so no one wanted to sit there.  Ha!



We truly had the most perfect Easter weekend with our families, and I’m so thankful we were able to spend it with everyone!

We hope y’all had an amazing Easter, too!

(And I apologize for the “this blog was not yet finished” early publish, email subscribers.  You probably already know this, but — I’m a goober.  LOVE!)

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2 Responses to A Wonderfully Beautiful Actual Easter.

  1. Nicole says:

    Love these Easter pictures. Spending time with cousins is the best!

  2. redkeeney says:

    I’m surprised Tom didn’t sit in the dirt, but then again, he probably didn’t want to mess up his new shirt. I love Alice’s scrunched nose smiles! So cute!

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