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Tom’s Last Day of School.

Tom’s last day of preschool — his 3-year-old class — was on Friday. What I love about their last day, is that it is also their field day — so they play outside all day, and then get to have … Continue reading

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Love And Siblings.

I love how much they love each other. And they really, really do. Yesterday, Kevin took the kids to McDonald’s for dinner. (Mom of the Year!) While they were there, Tom kept corralling Alice away from the playground. After doing … Continue reading

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Mud Hole.

We have quite a few toys and activities for the kids in our backyard — and they do love them all. But I really, REALLY  think the thing they like the most is the mud hole. It’s a huge hit. … Continue reading

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Ladies Man.

A few weeks ago, a man came up to me at Tom’s soccer game and introduced himself as “Ella’s Dad.” Apparently Ella and Tom go to school together (they’re in different classes — but they have recess together) — and … Continue reading

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Dear Alice, Lately, I keep calling you Al.  I don’t want to.  But I find myself not being able to help it!  “Are you okay, Al?”  “Hey, Al?  Wanna go to the grocery store with Mommy?”  You speak really, really … Continue reading

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Rock Star Down.

Dear Tom, Today we went to the “toy park” with Maggie and Alice and it was awesome.  A park filled with toys and bikes? Yes, please!  You decided to try a scooter while we were there.  And you went down … Continue reading

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