Rock Star Down.


Dear Tom,

Today we went to the “toy park” with Maggie and Alice and it was awesome.  A park filled with toys and bikes? Yes, please!  You decided to try a scooter while we were there.  And you went down a hill.  I could tell you realized your mistake immediately, but you hung on the whole time until the very end when it wobbled and you fell — hitting your knee and then your face.  A mouth full of dirt.  A busted knee.  A bloody nose.  And you were very, very upset.

You sat down on a big wheel bike, and after I got you mostly cleaned up, you were still crying.  I asked you what was the matter and you cried, “Now I’ll never be a rock star!  Rock stars don’t have boo-boos and cry!”  I assured you that they certainly did, as does everyone in the whole world.  I thought that was good advice, but you didn’t seem convinced. You wanted to stay on the big wheel — which you said was a “rock star big wheel” — but you didn’t want to ride it.  You just thought it was a good place to cry out your rock star dreams.

And I just want you to know — you are an amazing and awesome boy.  A boy who got all busted, but whose biggest worries were about future stardom.  You are hilariously awesome even in times of distress.

After the park, you had your first swim lesson.  And you know what?

You were a total rock star.

I LOVE you,

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2 Responses to Rock Star Down.

  1. A rock star indeed!

  2. redkeeney says:

    He’s the cutest rock star ever. Love!

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