Dear Alice,

Lately, I keep calling you Al.  I don’t want to.  But I find myself not being able to help it!  “Are you okay, Al?”  “Hey, Al?  Wanna go to the grocery store with Mommy?”  You speak really, really well, so I’d really like you to start telling me to, “Call me Alice please, Mommy.”  Okay?  Thanks!

You had your 2-year well-check visit at the doctor this week.  You are so smart.  You knew from the moment we entered that you would be getting a shot.  You are so different from Tom in this way.  He never really knew it was coming.  But you?  You knew.  You told me pretty much the whole time that you were “scared.”  But you know what?  You were also very, very BRAVE.  You got the shot, cried for about 10 seconds and then immediately stopped.  You were so excited for your prize — you picked out a blue, rubbery, stick-to-the-window man, you weirdo! — and a Dora sticker.

(Also?  You are 69% for height and 56% for weight. I think they wanted me to have questions or concerns about you to discuss with them — but I did not.  You’re just doing great!  Go, you!)

Your Daddy put you in time-out today because you pushed Tom out of your new pink baby pool.  You were so upset to be in trouble.  You told me you were “sad about Daddy” but you forgave him quickly.  You’re hilarious.

Today you also went on a walk and climbed a tree with Mimi.  I love how much you love your grandparents, sweet girl.  Every time I’m on the phone with Grandma, you insist on talking to her.  Usually muting yourself before hanging up on her.  But don’t worry…I’m sure you’ll get the hang of it.

You’re the best little girl in the world, Al.

I love you,



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2 Responses to Alice.

  1. redkeeney says:

    Al is such a sweet, smart girl. I wish I could hug her. HUGS AL – love you!

  2. Kristina says:

    She is so sweet!

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