Ladies Man.

A few weeks ago, a man came up to me at Tom’s soccer game and introduced himself as “Ella’s Dad.”

Apparently Ella and Tom go to school together (they’re in different classes — but they have recess together) — and Ella talks about Tom all the time.

He was so happy to meet me, because his daughter was in love with my son.


Also, it must be noted here…


Not once.



So as Ella’s super nice Dad told me all about all the pictures Ella draws for my son at her house, and how she likes to pretend to call him on the phone — I am stuck with absolutely ZERO stories to relay back to him.

Because that was the first time I’d even heard of that sweet, cute, girl with really awesome taste in boyfriends.

(Thanks, Tom!)

After that first encounter, I asked Tom about Ella on the way home.

Me: “Hey, Tom?  Do you know someone named Ella from school?”

Tom: “Yeah.”

Me: “Do you like her?  Is she nice?”

Tom (matter-of-factly): “Yeah, she’s nice.  She’s my friend.”

Me: “Oh, well I met her Dad today and he said you’re one of Ella’s best friends.”

Tom: “Michael is my best friend.”

Me: “I know, but you can still be one of Ella’s best friends.”

Tom: “Okay.”

So anyway, he’s obviously completely in love with her too.

Last week, we were playing Ella’s team again in soccer (she’s awesome at it, by the way) — and while Ella’s Dad and I were talking, he said that Ella had told him about how she and Tom first met.

Ella’s Dad: “She said she was playing with two of her friends and they were making a nest out of pine straw and sticks and leaves on the playground.  And then all of a sudden, Thomas came up and kicked it.  And she looked up at him and thought, ‘Oh, he’s just so handsome.’ And Thomas said he was sorry for messing up the nest.”

Oh my gosh, Tom!

You kicked the poor girl’s nest?!

While being handsome?!

And she calls you Thomas?!

(And she does.  Since I’ve learned of Ella, I’ve noticed that she always says, “Bye, Thomas!” to him in the hallway.)

Tom, I would say that we need to work on your skills…

But clearly, we do not.

Because not only does sweet Ella love Tom, but Kayla does too.

And I know this because the day after Tom skinned his knee at the toy park, he skinned his other knee when I picked him up from school.

And Kayla saw it.

And Kayla was super worried about Tom, probably because he totally milked it.

(Even going so far as to “walk old” he called it.  Because he couldn’t straighten his knee.)

And apparently Kayla went home and insisted on calling her dad.

At work.

And telling him all about how you had been hurt.

And she made you a card.


What are you doing to the little ladies of your preschool?

I would tell you to stop being so darn cute, but I know that’s impossible.

And you also can’t help being super sweet and funny.

But maybe lay off the nest kicking?

And the falling down and bleeding bit?

That’d be great.

Because surely these girls daddies need a break from all the Tom cards littering their home.

Plus, everyone knows that I’m your one, true LOVE, right?!



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1 Response to Ladies Man.

  1. redkeeney says:

    Oh my gosh – “walking old” – ?? Hilarious! How could they not fall in love with him??

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