Fire Station Birthday For Gus.

My sister had my nephew’s 3rd birthday party at the fire station!

It was such a blast!

And Tom, oh my goodness — he LOVED the firefighters.

Like, when he saw them standing in the corner while the games were going on, he whispered to me, “There is a fireman.  I’m gonna go say hey and show him my fire truck.”

(The fireman was impressed with the truck, obviously.)

Gus had a wonderful time, and it was so cute and fun!

The perfect little party!

Getting some sticker help from Grandma and great-Aunt Kathy.

Gus throwing “water” bean bags at the “fire.”



Birthday boy.

Fire truck happiness!

I took 20 pictures of this, and this is the best one?  Maybe?  I don’t know.  They’re all equal levels of awesome!

Alice loved the fire truck!  LOVED.

Gus and Tom are best friends.  For real.  And it’s the cutest ever and they pretty much end all events like this.

Happy Birthday, Gus!

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