So way back in June…

Seriously, where have I been?!

Y’all, I am just having way too much fun this summer!  I’m serious.

For some reason, I remember last summer as being kind of a pain.  I remember feeling like I needed stuff for us to do all the time, and it was exhausting.

Why did I think that?


This summer is great!  We’re doing stuff.  Then we’re not doing stuff.

And it’s all totally awesome and fun.

I love this summer!

Maybe because both my babies will be in preschool in the fall?  Maybe I really am enjoying every moment just like the strangers in the grocery store tell me to!

(Just kidding!  Some moments suck.)

But some moments — like finding a really cool puppet show to take the kids to — those moments are amazing!

I’m loving it.  All of it.  I kind of really, really don’t want it to end.

So as I was saying…

We’ve been doing stuff.  Stuff like…

photo (2)
Going to see a The Gingerbread Man puppet show at the Roswell Cultural Arts Center.  It was AMAZING.  Seriously, I cannot say enough good things.  And it’s $5. Go.  (There are shows this week and next.)  Tom and Alice both had a blast!

Eating ALL THE BREAKFAST FOOD at the Waffle House.

Sliding with a smile.

Checking out bugs in the backyard.

Riding the zoo train with cousins.

Checking out the fish at the aquarium.

And waving hello to the divers.

Leaning our head on our brother after a long day.

Being Batman.

And making lovely messes.  And hugging.

It’s been the best of days, my friends.

I promise to try to add “blogging” to the list.

LOVE y’all, and hope you’re enjoying summer too!


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1 Response to Summertime.

  1. redkeeney says:

    awwww that hugging picture!!!!

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