July 4th.

For July 4th this year we were supposed to go to my sister’s house to celebrate.

But the day before, Tom was diagnosed with strep throat.

And so we stayed home.

Luckily, Tom was feeling much better after starting his antibiotic, so the day was simply wonderful.

I was sad to miss the time with Rachel and co. — but it was still amazingly great.

I just went out that morning and bought some little things from Dollar Tree, and bought some fireworks for that night, and we were set!

We played outside.  We grilled out.  We ate popsicles and ice cream. And it was the best.

Really, just a good, happy, summer day!

I had cute red, white and blue outfits for them to wear, I swear!  But Alice wanted to wear one of Tom’s shirts.  And Tom wanted to wear his VBS shirt.  And they’re the cutest ever.

Sparklers!  (Tom calls them “sprinklers” sometimes on accident.)

Oh. My. Cutes.

Happy with Daddy!

Waiting for our magnificent fireworks show!!


Umm…my kids have never seen actual fireworks.  They thought it was AMAZING!

(And that’s because it was!)

Hope y’all had a wonderful July 4th too!

(And I hope you’re having a lovely July 25th today.  Ha!)

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