Celebrating Baby Hazel.

Have I mentioned that my sister is expecting her third baby at the end of September?

She is.

Did I tell you that it’s a girl?

It is.

Did I tell you that Rachel is going to name the sweet baby Hazel?

She is.

Now you’re all caught up!

Instead of a traditional baby shower, Rachel wanted a girls getaway.

So I asked my aunt Carolyn if we could come visit her at her house in the NC mountains, and she awesomely said yes.

(My favorite place in the world!!  Seriously.)

It was wonderful.

My aunt and uncle are the most perfect hosts.

And spending time with them, Rachel, my mom, and my sister’s best friend, Quyen, was the greatest part of all.

I think I will always remember how perfect it was.

And I think Rachel will too.

I take this photo — the view from their porch — every time I visit.  I just love it so very much.

Rachel and Quyen chatting on the porch.  (It was wonderfully cool while we were there!)

Wild berries found on a mountain hike.


She said she didn’t want any presents, so we all got her something anyway.





Lots of long, uninterrupted conversation took place…



It was wonderful.  I ate my weight in cheesestraws, bought a little pottery from two hippie sisters, visited the cutest chocolate shop in the world, and when I wasn’t talking with one of my favorite women, I was silent.

It was lovely, and I’m so happy we were able to all get together to celebrate the amazing mama that is my sister.

I cannot wait to meet my newest niece!

Hope she’s ready for all the baby-head-sniffing that will be taking place.


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3 Responses to Celebrating Baby Hazel.

  1. redkeeney says:

    Looks very relaxing!

  2. Kristina says:

    Glad you had such a great time with your sister! I didn’t even know she was pregnant! That is so exciting! Please give her my best! Miss you! xoxo

  3. waymel says:

    That sounds amazing! So beautiful. And that room! With the wall of books! I want to go to there.

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