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Chasing Shadows.

I think an important thing to remember about childhood is that chasing and playing with your shadow is the best ever. No money needed. Happiness required.

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{Almost} Wordless Wednesday.

“Don’t go in the road, Alice.” “I’m not.”

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Corn Maze.

We visited the Athens Corn Maze yesterday with my sister and her kids and it was so much fun! Do you think I will ever get tired of doing fall activities? No, I don’t think so either. So the Athens … Continue reading

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Tom and the Fish He LOVES.

I posted this on Instagram last night, along with the caption that I really thought Tom would grow up to have a career with sea life someday. And I really do. He knows so much.  And he’s always so eager … Continue reading

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Picture Day.

Me: "Today is picture day!" Tom: "Ugh. Yuck. There is nothing fun about picture day." — Kate Gelsthorpe (@LoveAndKate) September 14, 2014 Yesterday we had our family pictures taken. Oh, how I have a love-hate relationship with these special things! I … Continue reading

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Hello, San Antonio.

One of my best friends in the world, Robyn, moved to San Antonio about 6 months ago, and when she decided to make the move, I said I would definitely come visit. And in August — it was time for … Continue reading

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Potty “Training” Alice.

Last week, when I picked Alice up from school, her teacher said that Alice had once again refused to have her diaper changed by anyone. (I find this funny.  Isn’t that terrible?  Sorry!) She just absolutely didn’t trust anyone in … Continue reading

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Waterfalls and Pumpkins.

Saturday morning we woke up (late) and decided to go to Amicalola Falls State Park! Kevin and I love this state park, but we hadn’t been there in ages! (Tom went once when he was a wee one, but Alice … Continue reading

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LOVE And Puppet Theater.

Things I love about Alice’s puppet theater… 1. It’s made from fabric I found at my Grandmother’s house after she passed away.  I love that it’s re-purposed, and I love where it’s from.  And I like to think my Grandmother … Continue reading

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Stone Mountain Park.

The weekend before the kids had their first day of school, we woke up on Saturday and decided to visit Stone Mountain Park. It was a spur-of-the-moment, last-minute decision without any planning at all. And it was awesome. Have you … Continue reading

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