LOVE And Puppet Theater.

photo-9 (3)

Things I love about Alice’s puppet theater…

1. It’s made from fabric I found at my Grandmother’s house after she passed away.  I love that it’s re-purposed, and I love where it’s from.  And I like to think my Grandmother thinks it’s cool too.

2. Alice loves it.  It’s one of her most favorite things.  She loves to put on puppet shows, but she also just loves to use it as a window.  She like for me to throw things in there, and for her to get them and throw them back.  We have all sorts of silly little games that we play with this.  It’s really fun to see her imagination at work.

3. It was really easy to make.  It is fabric that I cut to fit our doorway (she is in the doorway to our playroom) and I just hot glued the top and bottom around cheap, adjustable curtain rods. (I think they’re about $3.)  I added another curtain rod to the middle, to keep the window opening straight.  I hot glued felt (but ribbon would work) around the window opening.  Curtains are hot glued.  And I hot glued ribbon on there to hold the curtains back when in use (not seen here, because Alice loves to close the curtains).  Also?  I can’t sew.  Did you guess that? HOT GLUE.

4. Her latest puppet show was about how “Santa” was going to give the princess a present, but he was lost.  Luckily Tom swooped in with a dragon puppet to help Santa get back to the North Pole.  Stuff like that?  LOVE.

5. Is there anything cuter than little girl feet peeking out from under a puppet show?  I think not.


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4 Responses to LOVE And Puppet Theater.

  1. redkeeney says:

    She looks serious – this must have been at a critical part to the plot…

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