Waterfalls and Pumpkins.

Saturday morning we woke up (late) and decided to go to Amicalola Falls State Park!

Kevin and I love this state park, but we hadn’t been there in ages!

(Tom went once when he was a wee one, but Alice had not.)

We got there around lunch time, ate a picnic by the water, and then the kids splashed in the water for awhile.


Tom thought it was the most amazing, awesome thing in the world to do.

Alice was busy climbing rocks.

She would climb down, put her feet in, and immediately climb back up and announce to a sweet couple sitting on a bench that she “DID IT!!”

They made the mistake of clapping and cheering the first time, not realizing Alice will totally do anything for claps and cheers — including doing that exact thing 22 more times.

(Those lucky fools!)

She was thrilled.

After that, we walked over to check out the waterfall from the top!




They were sufficiently impressed.

Then Tom wanted to walk down the steps.

Amicalola Falls has 462 steps if you want to walk it, so you can see the entire waterfall.

So I told Tom, “Sure!” and I walked him down about…40 steps, before walking back up and saying, “Hey, you know what?  Let’s drive down there!”

(Dear Tom: I will let you walk the steps when I truly believe you will walk them by yourself down and up.  LOVE, Mom.)

So we drove to the bottom, looked at the top of the falls through a telescope, walked the trail for a bit, and watched people catch fish.

Our legs were thrilled with our decision.

Alice saw this rock and immediately wanted to sit on it.  And then she wanted to do no more hiking.  Apparently she only came on this trip to find this big sitting rock, and then she was done. And happy.

Since our kids aren’t exactly long-hikes ages, we decided to call it a day and we headed across the street to Tom’s idea of heaven — Burt’s Pumpkin Farm.

I’ve been to this pumpkin farm before — in October — and it was the craziest kind of crowded I have ever, ever seen.  Ever!!  Like…we had to park a mile away.  Crazy!

It is a really cool farm, with hay rides, and funnel cakes and every type of pumpkin out there, including awesomely huge ones and it is totally amazing.  Truly.

I saw that it opened on Labor Day, so I thought we could check it out since Tom loves all things Halloween.

When Tom saw it, I really think he heard angels singing.

He walked right in and immediately started checking out all the “spooky things.”  LOVE.

He loved it.  Alice loved it.

And if you go on September 6th…you are the only people there!

Alice didn’t know what to run to first! So much to see! So many places to run!

Tom ran to all the huge pumpkins first.  Talking about them, trying to pick out a good one.

He asked Kevin if he could have one, and Kevin wisely said maybe we could keep looking and find one we’d be able to actually pick up.  Ha!  And that was all he needed to say for Tom to take off and find one he could pick up.

Success! This is the face of the happiest boy in the world.

Daddy could pick up this one, so we let him bring it home.

Tom picked out miniature pumpkins for everyone.

(“We’re gonna paint these at home!!  I want mine to look like a monster!!  Or a ghost!  Or a witch!!”)

He pointed out all the pumpkins and gourds to Alice.

He was just going 100 miles per hour and it was hysterically awesome.

And Alice?

Well…she tried to pick one up…


…And when that didn’t work out, she went to Plan B: RUNNING SOME MORE!!


It was a really great time.

It was really fun to see how happy they were to see the pumpkins — and how totally thrilled Tom was with it all.

(And Kevin was thrilled to get pumpkin rolls and cold apple ciders for us all, because they are his favorites and he couldn’t wait for the kids to try it — they loved it!)

It was a super fun way to celebrate the beginning of FALL!

(Doesn’t matter that it was 90 degrees. Totally doesn’t.)


It was a happy day.

Happy Fall, y’all!  Have a great week, LOVES!

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6 Responses to Waterfalls and Pumpkins.

  1. redkeeney says:

    These pictures are so great — the color of the pumpkins really pops! i know that was a very TV producery promo picture sort of thing to say. Sorry. But it’s true. Also, Alice’s face in the “tried to pick up a pumpkin” photo is the best thing ever. LOVE.

  2. Debbie Cherry says:

    Love hearing about and seeing pics of this outing!!! Cutest cutest kids!!!

  3. Kristina says:

    Glad you had a good time! Such cute photos!

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