Potty “Training” Alice.


Last week, when I picked Alice up from school, her teacher said that Alice had once again refused to have her diaper changed by anyone.

(I find this funny.  Isn’t that terrible?  Sorry!)

She just absolutely didn’t trust anyone in there to change it, I guess!

You have to earn diaper-changing privileges with Alice.

It worked out perfectly since while she was at school that day, I had gone out to buy her some big girl underwear.

So instead of waiting for the weekend to potty train her, I started on a Wednesday.

When she woke up that morning, I showed her the undies (she was STOKED!) and told her the plan — that she’d use the potty.

She was very excited.

And when I put her on it, she totally did it!  Success!!

She had a couple accidents after that, but she immediately knew it was wrong and would say, “Uh-oh!  I had an accident!”

After the accidents, I decided to do the timer thing for a bit — it’s the method I strictly used with Tom — and just means I’d sit her on the potty every 20 minutes.

And that worked once, but then she just kept telling me she didn’t need to go, so that method didn’t work for her.

But it didn’t need to work for her — because she got it on her own!

She had 5 accidents that first morning.  Then she took a nap.

And then she had NO ACCIDENTS.

Day two?  NO ACCIDENTS!  (And on Day 2, she was at school — no accidents!)

Day three?  Accidents again, but only because she kept forgetting to pull her undies down!  She’d sit on the potty, but forget the pants part.  Ha!

Since then, she’s had about one accident a day — but only so much as she starts to go, then realizes she needs the potty — so they’re more like 1/2 accidents.

Bottom line is:  I didn’t really train her.  She totally trained herself.

She knew exactly what to do!

She loves to put stickers on her potty chart.

She loves to get a piece of chocolate after every success or try.

She is such a big girl and I seriously couldn’t be more proud.

(And we haven’t stayed home at all — we’ve gone on trips, to stores, to restaurants and she’s been good!)

Really, really impressed with my big girl.

And she told me today that she wants to call her undies, “panties.”

“I like panties! Let’s call them panties, k?”

You’re the boss, little one!  Panties it is!


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2 Responses to Potty “Training” Alice.

  1. Yay Alice!!! I am so proud of you!!! Delaney will think this is so cool:)

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