Tom and the Fish He LOVES.


I posted this on Instagram last night, along with the caption that I really thought Tom would grow up to have a career with sea life someday.

And I really do.

He knows so much.  And he’s always so eager to learn more.

We went to the Georgia Aquarium yesterday because Tom and Alice are on fall break.

(Because they need a break from the past two weeks?  Ha!  Anyway, I’m glad!  *I* wanted them back.)

He knows the aquarium so well. It’s his favorite.

He told me right away that he wanted to the see the whale shark first, and wanted to touch stingrays second.

(Stingrays were off exhibit, but he touched starfish and a sea sponge and was equally impressed.)

He LOVES it.

And his favorite show right now is an Amazon Prime instant watch show called Sea Rescue, about real-life rescues of sea creatures.

Ummm…he LOVES this show.  Wants to watch it all the time.

And when I tell him it’s time to stop watching it, he wants to reenact it.

I cannot tell you how many times I’ve cut “fishing line” from his “fin” and then “given him antibiotics” put him in his “rehab pool” before “tagging him” and “releasing him back in the ocean.”

For real, y’all!

It’s hysterically awesome.  Like…he makes dolphin noises.  Or manatee noises.  Or baby whale noises.

(Hint: All hurt sea creature reenactment noises sound the same.)

So, I’m calling it now.

Tom is a future…something sea life-related.

Maybe a rescuer.

Maybe an “ocean scientist!” as he says.

Maybe an awesome dolphin actor.

(fingers crossed!)

No matter what, he’s going to be awesome at it.

He’s pretty awesome at it right now.

photo-14 (2)

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