Corn Maze.


We visited the Athens Corn Maze yesterday with my sister and her kids and it was so much fun!

Do you think I will ever get tired of doing fall activities?

No, I don’t think so either.

So the Athens Corn Maze has…a corn maze (!), a hay ride, a corn box, a person dressed up as corn who Alice loved, a “tunnel”, and horse and pony rides.

All of that equaled hours of fun for our crew.

Corn box!

I tried really hard to get a photo of all four kids.  So I said, “How about you all lay down in the corn together?”  And this is what I got!  Not quite what I was envisioning, but I love it nonetheless. Thanks, guys!

Hay, Tom.

Yep!  She looks like she belongs on the farm!

Kevin taught Matilda how to read a map.  She did awesome!  She is better at it than me! (That’s a low bar, but I’m sure she’s also better at it than decent map readers.)

Little corn mazers.  With a big corn mazer.

Well, I mean, we had to stop and take our picture in the corn maze!

Cousin friends.  They played hard together the entire day.  All day.

Alice and her corn person!  She loved her.  Like… a lot.

All the kids after the corn maze!  What?  You don’t see the boys?  Umm…yeah, they’re hiding from the corn person behind the painting.  Duh.

During the hay ride, the boys were most interested in the tractor.  The tractor driver had a microphone, but only used it once to say, “I remember riding horses on this farm when I was a boy.”  The End.

Alice: “Hey, cows. My name is Alice. How are you today?  Love you. Okay, bye.”

This girl was NOT SCARED at all.  She couldn’t wait to ride her pony.  She practically took the reigns and left by herself.  Brave girl was so, so happy!  She cried when it was over.  And kept saying, “Don’t worry, horse.  I’ll be back tomorrow!”

Tom was nervous at first, but then totally got the hang of it!  He wanted me to hold his hand at first, but by the time we were heading back, he was riding without me.  And he was so happy and proud that he rode the big horse. He did awesome!


600 590 592 596
We’ll be back next year to see how they’ve grown!  Drink more milk, Kevin!

It was a blast!

And I was thrilled we got to do it with family.

Yay, fall!

Have a good week, LOVES!

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