Farm Weekend.

017 (2)
Grandma feeding the ducks with the kids in the pond my great-grandparents built.

Two weekends ago — we went to my parent’s farm.

My parents now own the property that my great-grandparents once owned – and it’s just the most gorgeous place.

We headed down on Friday, went to the Mossy Creek Barnyard Festival on Saturday, visited with wonderful friends Saturday afternoon, and had a family dinner Sunday.

In short: it was THE BEST.

The kids had the time of their lives.  They loved everything.

They loved paddle boating, and riding the golf cart.

Tom loved shooting the BB gun with Daddy and my uncles.

Alice loved feeding the ducks.

All of us loved making s’mores.

(Of course!)

It was wonderfully beautiful weather, at an amazing place — and my parents were such wonderful hosts.  It was really, really great.

So great, in fact, that we cannot wait to go back.  CANNOT WAIT!

It’s pretty much all we talk about.

Here’s how it looked…

018 (2)
The view of the house from the paddle boat.  The kids just loved dangling their feet off the side of the boat and splashing — it was definitely Alice’s favorite.

019 (2)
Farm experience not complete without your pink sparkly princess shoes.

020 (2)
Sweet babies.

021 (2)
Saturday morning.

022 (2)
Tom spent Saturday picking up chicks at the festival. 😉

023 (2)
PawPaw and Alice.  She loves PawPaw.  LOVES.

We ran into one of my high school friends at the festival, and that’s her cute son next to Alice!

025 (2)
It’s been way too long since I’d seen my BFF from home!  Kate and Herely (and little Alice) FOREVER!  (No really, we’ve known each other since toddler days!  She’s the best for putting up with me that long!)

026 (2)
Tom and Hillary’s son play like they see each other all the time!  So cute!  (That’s Tom smile…you like it?)

027 (2)
Huck spent the weekend either barking at us in the paddle boat, barking at the drain in the lake, or both. He was in heaven.  Assuming doggie heaven includes lots of barking.

photo-9 (2)
Daddy helping Tom shoot cans with a BB gun.

028 (2)
Muddy toes.  Both Tom and Alice pretty much wanted to walk in the mud constantly. It’s their favorite.

029 (2)
Grandma and Alice fishing beneath the most gorgeous sky I’ve ever seen!

030 (2)
And she caught one!!

031 (2)
Sunday morning.

And then we went to my parents’ house and had a wonderful dinner with my uncle, who was visiting from Kentucky.

It was really great, and I was so happy we were able to spend such a gorgeous fall weekend with such wonderful people at an awesome place.

Can’t wait to do it again soon!

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6 Responses to Farm Weekend.

  1. waymel says:

    What an amazing place to have in the family! It looks like a place where you can *breathe*. Gorgeous pictures, as usual!

  2. redkeeney says:

    I love the farm! The pictures are gorgeous. What a sky! And yes, Tom’s smiling picture is awesome.

  3. Kristina says:

    Looks like so much fun! Glad you had a great relaxing weekend!

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