We spent Thanksgiving with my parents at their house this year — and the kids had a blast!

The day we got there, the Museum of Aviation was having  a model train exhibit.

We took Tom last year, and he still talks about it — so were thrilled it would be there when we were visiting!

It was so great, and both kids had the most wonderful time!

And my mom outdid herself (as usual!) and Thanksgiving dinner was amazing!!

We were so happy to spend it with my parents and uncle — so great!

This is Tom and his BFF at their Thanksgiving feast at school!  Two cute pilgrims!

Grandma and PawPaw got a new toy, and Alice couldn’t be happier!

After walking around to see everything, he then told me he was just going to “sit right here and watch trains all day.”  Okay!

Watching trains with PawPaw.

He took a break from watching trains to fly a jet.  Of course.

I walked into the living room, and she was just like this.  No, really.  She’s an actual princess.

Actual princesses get real tired after a big Thanksgiving meal!

We had the best time, and were so thankful to be able to spend it with family!  Couldn’t love my family more!!



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