The Stress Of The Kindergarten We Are Not Yet Attending.

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Tom will be in kindergarten next year.

The stress I’ve been feeling since January has begun is like…ridiculous.

I know it is.

But I can’t help it!

Because I have several problems with this fact.  Problems like…

1. I do not want Tom to be in kindergarten. I want him to be in little baby preschool forever and ever.  I want him to do crafts and pajama days and class parties and have fun and run around and be a itty bitty little forever and ever.  I want him to learn, of course I do, but for some reason I’m scared that school will be like…THE END OF FUN.

2. I’m a control freak.  Yes, Tom’s in school 5 days a week now.  Know how many days I am there?  All the time!  There are parties for every major (and minor) holiday.  There are school-wide events like Art in the Park and Field Day.  I am the room mom and the co-chair of the parent council for the whole school. I’M AT EVERYTHING.  I KNOW EVERYONE.  I’m scared that once he’s in actual kindergarten, I won’t be in charge. Because I’ll be new.  And, you know, NOT THE TEACHER.

3.  I’m reading a terrible book.  I accidentally started reading Big Little Lies by Liane Moriarty the other day.  I had no idea what it was about, but I’d read The Husband’s Secret and liked it.  Know what Big Little Lies is about?  CRAZY KINDERGARTEN PARENTS.  Who act terrible and one of them is about to be murdered at a school event.  For real.  And now I am at panic level 998.

4.  I am anxious to know how Tom will be.  Will he sit in his desk?  Will he listen to his teacher?  Will he learn everything he needs to learn?  Or will he be running around, not listening and not learning?  What type of kindergartner will he be?!  I think Tom is awesome and smart.  Will his teacher think that?  PLEASE THINK THAT, FUTURE TEACHER!

5. I don’t know where we’ll be.  We may be moving to the other side of the city to be closer to family.  We’ve been slowly getting our house ready for listing. (We still have more to do, by the way.)  And us moving is dependent on a number of things, that I just don’t have any control over.  But what this means is — I can’t research every school in the area like the crazy mom I am.  I can sort of do it here, but I don’t really think we’ll be here.  And I can’t really research where we may move, because there are many choices on where we may move.  I’m surrounded by moms who are going to every open house there is, and I’m just kind of sitting here…BEING ANXIOUS.

Y’all are laughing at me, right?  Like…surely this is not a serious thing to worry over.

I’m worrying over kindergarten!

Sometimes, I realize I’m getting way too caught up in thinking about it.  And I really do laugh at myself.

And then other times I start thinking that picking the right kindergarten is the most important decision ever!

I want Tom to love school.  And have friends.  And have awesomely understanding teachers who love him.  And I just want all of that RIGHT NOW so I can quit stressing about it.

And by RIGHT NOW, I mean never, because as mentioned previously, I actually want him to be little forever.

Please?!  No?  Okay, FINE.

Hypothetically, how long would it take someone to be certified as a kindergarten teacher?!

(Asking for a friend.)


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11 Responses to The Stress Of The Kindergarten We Are Not Yet Attending.

  1. Melanie says:

    Not quick enough! I know what you are going through. I have one entering kindergarten too and though I know she will flourish there, I fear she lose a part of her joyful, happy little self! Perhaps though- she will even be happier(tho not sure how she can be!). Or perhaps our great kids can go and meet other great kids and spread their love of the world with others! We can only hope. you are a great mom.

    Keep up the great posts. Every post of yours I can relate to. I wish we were neighbors!!!

  2. waymel says:

    You COULD be the teacher… wink, wink. And that would kinda solve all those problems. You would be the best homeschool mom! And there are tons of homeschool co-ops and groups for parties and fun social stuff. I think you’d love it. Kindergarten is easy….all you need is a phonics book, a handwriting book, and a math text. Do it Do it Do it! 🙂

  3. Nicole says:

    I may or may not go to the website of the school Olivia will attend next year regularly and have panic attacks. I am feeling the same way. It doesn’t seem like they should be in kindergarten next year. I am kinda freaking out.

  4. Jennifer says:

    Just so you know, he will still do crafts and have pajama days and class parties and have fun and run around, even in KINDERGARTEN!!!! I know that’s may sound shocking but it’s oh so true. And another things that’s true is that you can still be the coolest room mom and show up every week and know all the kids and all the parents. The party never ends!!! So cheer up and get your butt over to this side of the state! Love you much!!!!

  5. redkeeney says:

    This post made me laugh. IT WILL BE OKAY! And I totally agree with Jennifer that they will have pajama days and fun stuff and you will be able to go there and be awesome and involved. It’s gonna be great! He’s gonna do great! Don’t worry. We bold. Love.

  6. Kindergarden sounds pretty good to me right now… I have a high school parent meeting this week:(

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